I grew up in a family of book lovers where birthday and holiday presents always included books. When I was four I wanted my own library card but the librarian said I had to be able to sign my name, so I begged my mother to teach me to write my name. It wasn’t pretty but on our next trip to the library, they gave me a card. I haven’t stopped reading since.

I have a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language and spent several years teaching English to children and adults. Later I worked for a US Government agency editing and proofreading articles for a daily publication. Although in the past I have edited manuscripts as diverse as foreign news translations and PhD STEM dissertations in STEM, I now exclusively edit fiction. In 2021 I began working with indie authors, specializing in fantasy, romantic fantasy, space opera, and equestrian novels. I have worked with best selling and rapid release authors.

I have traveled all over the world and lived in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Singapore, Cyprus, and Cameroon. Now I live in Virginia’s Hunt Country in a 125 year old farm house with three Salukis and three Thoroughbreds.

Editorial staff
Editorial staff discussion on the use of the Oxford comma
Editor in chief: The one to rule them all
Junior editor
Junior editor

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